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batching tasks


This process involves grouping logically similar tasks together and working on each group of tasks in an allotted time block.

In the example of blogging, I create time blocks for creating article cover images, pins, writing outlines, finalizing post titles etc.

The process of batching allows you to work on tasks that you are cognitively able for thus allowing you to work in a more focused way for longer.

During your BPT - Biological Prime Time you’ll be able for more cognitively demanding tasks like writing or researching.

By batching your tasks, you’re minimizing the mental cost of rapidly switching between tasks and constantly re-focusing.

It is a great way of managing your energy manage your energy levels to prevent burn out.

Also batching tasks across multiple areas can lead to unexpected breakthroughs or new ideas

Collection mode & reading mode:

You can spend time collecting articles to read and then when you’re in the reading mindset you can sit down and read without wondering what to read.

Source: {a} The Secret Power of Read It Later Apps

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