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how to become a better reader


There are 2 goals of reading, reading for information and reading for understanding - learn which one you’re about to do as you’ll read differently depending on your goal.

Read what interests you.

Don’t feel guilty about quitting a book/article etc. just move on.

Make reading a habit, do it every day at a time that works best for you.

Consider the minimum amount of pages you should read in a day. I have a habit tracker on my phone and one of the habits is read 1 page of a book. This was originally 5 but I found it hard to commit to reading 5 pages. Sounds crazy I know but changing the goal to 1 page has meant that the friction of getting started reading is much less. As a result I’ve been able to read a lot more.

Read when you are in between things. If you have 15 minutes waiting for a pot of coffee to brew, if you’re waiting at a doctor’s appointment. Any opportunity where you would normally open your phone to look at Instagram, try reading instead.

Keep a backlog of books to read and a list of books to buy. So you always have the next book lined up.

Try having a couple of books on the go instead of just one at a time.

Don’t judge your reading. You don’t have to read book x just because everyone else is. Read that guilty pleasure or read books that are interesting for you.

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