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How to become more creative


Creative ideation - take the time to build your creative muscles by creating at least 3 variations of something. It can be a tweet, a logo, a design for an eBook, anything.

Remember Growth is not linear, it’s the cumulative effect of all your work you need to be patient and consistent with your practice and the results will eventually pay off.

Turn creativity into a habit - Habits. Regular practice at creating things will build your creative muscles. Over time you won’t think twice about creating something. the brain is very adaptable so you are capable of building a habit of creativity no matter what age you are.

manage your energy levels to prevent burn out - having the energy to be creative in the first place can often be a challenge. Learn when you have the most energy (how to determine your BPT) during the day and plan to do your creative work at that time.

Use constraints to focus your mind and come up with creative ideas. creative constraints are a great way to get your brain working.

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