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How to free up your mind when your feeling overwhelmed by work


completion anxiety - you could be experiencing this. Write down your tasks and the next action with each to ensure you have defined start and ending points to your work.

Paradox of Choice - having too many things on your plate can make it hard to even start working on something.

Our lives are like bushes that should be regularly pruned back to remain healthy - this is a good way to think about your workload/priorities/task list.

zeigarnik effect - might be something you’re experiencing. Remember Your mind is for having ideas not for holding them. Write things down!

Make a list and use the rose, thorn, bud concept for reflection to see what matters and what doesn’t

define what done is for each of your tasks. This helps you to overcome completion anxiety

When you have a lot of stuff going on at work and have a lot of tasks on your todo list, you’re left with attention residue. This can really impact how effective you are at your work.

How to overcome attention residue - for how to combat attention residue.

How to overcome decision fatigue - for learning how to reduce your workload or the amount of choice you have to make over the course of a day.

Use the The Eisenhower Matrix to categorize and identify your most important work. There may be some work that can be delegated or simply removed from your task list.

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