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How to improve your time management


Time management is like a muscle - The more you practice time management, the better you get.

We can’t make time, we can only take time - An important mindset to have about time

Were not limited by time, were limited by the choices that we make with our time - Something to consider when thinking about how you manage your time and how “productive you are”.

Paradox of Choice - if you have to many tasks on your list to plan for the day you won’t know where to start. Limit the things you work on in day.

Our lives are like bushes that should be regularly pruned back to remain healthy - good analogy for thinking about managing the things you say yes to

Your time management will improve over time with practice - it’s important to reflect on how things are doing - use the rose, thorn, bud concept for reflection

Learn/identify how you work the best. Do you prefer working within defined blocks of time batching tasks or do you prefer theming your day.

Learn how much time regular tasks take and avoid allowing too much time - Parkinson’s Law is relevant here as if you allow yourself 4 hours to do a small task, you’ll easily take 4 hours to finish the task.

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