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How to plan your day effectively


Biological Prime Time - Learn when you work best and plan to do your most important work then.

The Pilot, the Plane, and the Engineer - consider this mental model when planning your day.

Paradox of Choice - realize that trying to work on too much in one day will not go well.

Our lives are like bushes that should be regularly pruned back to remain healthy - how to think about all the things you say yes to.

zeigarnik effect - overcome this by having defined start + ends to your tasks.

You don’t have to be an expert to start - you won’t plan the perfect day on day one. You may never plan the 100% most perfect day ever. But realize that you will get better at it the more you practice.

Self-reflection is important to improve over time - rose, thorn, bud concept for reflection

Have a defined end time/time to shut off for the day. If you need to, say “I’m done for the day, time to log off”.

Learn how you work best and this will determine your approach to planning your day. This requires some experimentation but you’ll learn a lot from it. Someone wrote an entire book detailing all the “productivity” experiments he undertook over the course of a year. {b} The Productivity Project

When we have too many choices to make in any given day we experience Decision Fatigue - How to overcome decision fatigue

Narrow your focus to achieve more - planning your day is about working on the small percentage of right stuff to move the needle.

Learn when you work best and plan accordingly. how to determine your BPT will show you when your Biological Prime Time is and you can plan your most important tasks for this time. Categorizing your tasks based on energy level required is a could way to align your work with your BPT.

eating the frog - plan to do your most important task first thing when you start work.

Consider the pareto principle - 80% of the results come from 20% of the action. What is the 20% of work that will get you 80% of the results?

Have an “admin” day - where you catch up on all the small tasks that need to be done

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