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The Eisenhower Matrix


The Eisenhower Matrix is a framework for prioritizing your tasks.

It helps you to focus on making progress towards your goals and helps to eliminate distractions.

By focusing on the right tasks in the right quadrants, you can be sure that you’re working towards your goals.

This should also prevent issues or “fires” from cropping up and taking your attention.

Urgent & Important (Q1)

  • Tasks that have a visible deadline and will have consequences for not completing them.
  • These tasks require immediate action.
  • Spending too much time here can lead to Burn Out and increased stress.

Not Urgent & Important (Q2)

  • Tasks that help you to move closer to your goals.
  • These can include learning a new skill, developing an exercise habit etc.
  • These tasks should be scheduled on your calendar to ensure you work on them.
  • Working in this quadrant often will prevent the risk of problems in Q1.

Urgent & Not Important (Q3)

  • These tasks are usually set by others and don’t move you towards your goals e.g. unnecessary interruptions from coworkers, some meetings.
  • These tasks should be delegated or done in batches. batching tasks

Not Urgent & Not Important (Q4)

  • These are time wasters and have no real value e.g. infinity pools - endlessly scrolling on social media.
  • These tasks should be deleted.
  • Distraction in moderation is OK but continued distraction over time can lead to unhappiness.
  • {b} Digital Minimalism

Source: {a} Avoid The Urgency Trap With The Eisenhower Matrix

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